All these videos were made between March 2020 and present. When Covid hit and we were all sent into hiding, of course all our live gigs came to an abrupt halt. Fortunately, I love making video art! The challenge: making it essentially by myself (with the occasional camera-holding assistant from my roommate). I hope you enjoy these sometimes-silly, often elaborate quarantine creations!

It Runs in the Family
Amanda Palmer

Concept, camera, editing, performance, styling: \garbagefile

Second camera: Jason Wells


Son Lux

Then, for a few months over the summer, quarantine lifted! And we were able to gather in small bubbles, outside, and pursue magnificent feats of circus.

Camera: Heather Rumancik

Concept, editing, performance, styling: Kailey Bryan

Artistic/coaching: Keely Whitelaw

Girls of Aperture Science

in which \garbagefile channels iconic characters Cave Johnson and Caroline (aka GLaDOS) for a stupid, fun-filled romp through Aperture Science c. 1983. A dumb and delightful tribute to Portal (aka some of the greatest video games of all time). Made for the Smash Babes charity fundraiser virtual drag show, August 2020.

Bubblegum Bitch

Marina & The Diamonds

Camera, concept, costumes, editing, performance, styling: \garbagfile


In which a party girl learns that sometimes you are your own best company

Break My Heart
Dua Lipa

Concept, editing, performance, styling: \garbagefile

Camera: Maude Blanchette

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