Under My Skin

Ella Fitzgerald

August, 2019

This was one of the most fun nights ever - the inaugural night of the Phlegm Fatales Dragula screenings (screamings!) The house was packed and we had a totally marvelous and macabre evening.

I altered this dress and hand-made/hand-painted all my prosthetic skins!

Radiation Ronnie
(I Wanna Hug Ya, Kiss Ya, Squeeze Ya)

Buddy & Claudia

"Welcome to Radiation Ronnie's, Last Diner With Instant Coffee Rations This Side of The Atlantic, Famous For Our Special Sauce, Made In House, What can I get ya?"

Performed for the Phelgm Fatales Error 404 on January 3, 2020, wherein we constructed a post-apocalyptic narrative where everyone was hiding in bunkers, including our hostess Radiation Ronnie here. The Phlegm Fatales sincerely apologize for ushering in the apocalypse and promise free Can Cakes to all guests.

All prosthetics were hand-crafted by me!

Big Bushy Moustache

Jake Shears

This decadent bit of goonery was performed as part of Club Couture's Miz Cracker show at The Rockhouse in summer of 2018. And of course I made the wrestling singlet and reconfigured those pants.

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