Eat Your Heart Out


4.5 hour performance with collaborator Pepa Chan in which we blindfold ourselves and feed each other a 7 course meal.

Performed as part of HOLD FAST Festival of Contemporary Art, St. John's, Ktaqmkuk.

Performance description

Soft light and the tinkling of china spill from a dark alley. Two people sit across front each other, blindfolded, at an elegantly set table. Over three hours the performers feed each other a seven course meal. Gestures and interactions range from smirking and silly to hurtful and aggressive. With each bite they contend with their impulses and suffer the emotional consequences of their actions. Attentiveness gives way to laziness; resentment builds up. Silly, attentive, callous, malicious, and sorrowful, this durational performance is a quiet but spellbinding emotional ride.

Read a lovely article about the performance by Emily Pittman

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